We all love to travel. But few of us are as passionate about it as Miranda and Floyd. Inspired by her roots, 70s Venice Beach skateboard culture, and sunny Barcelona of the 80s, Miranda’s vibrant colors and designs are unmistakable. So, it was only a matter of time until the two found each other.

In her collaboration with Floyd, Miranda has again showed that her art doesn’t need a canvas. The artist has little use for conventions anyway. At most to defy them. Just like Floyd. The new Floyd x Miranda Edition reflects what makes both partners unique: one-of-a-kind style and an uncompromising commitment to freedom. It’s something you won’t find often. Only in an edition of 299 pieces, to be exact.


Get the exclusive FLOYD Cabin sized collaboration now!


The young artist is a creative virtuoso who expresses her unique perspective through painting, design, acting, and sculpture that transcends boundaries. She loves defying conventions and taking imaginary trips to visual worlds. Her captivating art has been featured at Art Basel in Miami Beach as well as in galleries in Madrid and Ibiza. And whenever Miranda takes off on a new adventure, she always opens up her heart to all of life’s vibrant colors. Have a great trip to the hypnotizing universe of Floyd x Miranda!


“What did you want to be when you were a kid?“

“I wanted to be a gift wrapper or a painter. I like the papiroflexia that you have to do when you wrap and I had pictures of me dressed like a painter with the typical beret and the brush, very Parisian artist style.”

“We would love to know what's your secret source of inspiration that fuels your creativity?”

“My source of inspiration is my mum, the designer and artist Lydia Delgado. Since I was a kid she made me draw things for her and she taught me the world of colour combinations. She has a very specific way of describing the palette. For example beige can be cream, vanilla, ivory or off white depending on the tone. I love that.”

“What made you get into art?”

“My family, because I was always surrounded by artists, my father is a musician, my grandma a painter and my grandpa a photographer. So the vibe of being creative has always been with me, thanks god! Because art is a medicine.”

“How would you describe yourself in 3 words?”

“Sensitive, passionate and creative.”

“What are your essential picks that instantly bring you joy?”

“My boyfriend Pascal is my Nr. 1. Then my cats, I'm obsessed, I can spend hours with them. Also natureee, the birds and the flowers and the sun make me soooo happy!”

“What would be a good theme song for your life?”

“Some song from Martin Denny or Walter Wanderley.”

“What would be your superpower?”

“Grab things that are about to fall.”

“What’s something you can’t be without when you travel?”

“My Olympus camera, my iPad so i can paint, and some of my best friends that are always fun and have a lot of humour. I love people with humour!”

“Describe your travel style in 3 words.”

“Authentic, colorful and charming”

“What is the first thing you do when you arrive at your destination?”

“Try to find a chai latte and a piece of cake."

“Can you share one of your wildest dreams that you hope to fulfil some day?”

“To have a palace in front of the sea. To know myself and transform myself as many times as i need to, to be the best version of myself. And have Pascal by my side.”

“What kind of impact do you want to have on the world?”

“I would love to make people want to be authentic, to find their creativity and to inspire them to find the magic of this experience which is to be a human being on planet Earth.”


Get the exclusive FLOYD Cabin sized collaboration now!