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The Floyd story

Floyd is giving modern travel its mojo back

Travelers crave it, Floyd makes it: a unique and distinctive look. Founded in 2019, Floyd has established itself as an authentic brand for modern hard-top cases. The sleek travel cases  embody unbridled individuality and innovation as they carry the spirit of California's 70s skateboard culture into the present. They captivate a rapidly expanding fan base of business and long-distance travelers, digital nomads, globetrotters, and weekend travelers, all united by the shared joy of standing out from the monotonous travel world with their vibrantly colorful, functional cases.

Inspired by Venice Beach Bohemia 

In the early seventies, airbrush artists, gearheads, and musicians shared the affordable houses and body shops around Abbott Kinney Boulevard with daydreamers and small-time hoodlums. In this energetic community, Venice Beach youths crafted their own surfboards and rode the waves of the Pacific.

When the authorities cut off the water supply during a scorching summer in California, these cool surfers conquered the deserted sewers and swimming pools of L.A. with their skateboards. With the introduction of revolutionary skateboard polyurethane wheels in 1973, they finally found the perfect material to translate their surfing style onto the asphalt. This marked the birth of a global skateboarding revolution.

From «Dogtown» to the suburbs of Munich

At the same time, two teenagers from Munich yearned for the Californian lifestyle as they tore through the village streets of their hoods on skateboards and devoured American skate magazines.  Bernd Georgi and Horst Kern never make it to Venice during the golden years of skateboarding culture, but their careers in the fashion industry take them as far as South Africa and Hongkong. In 1996, they established their own company, producing high-quality accessories and luggage for renowned brands worldwide.

After more than 20 years of expertise in luggage production, Floyd has taken the two entrepreneurs back to their roots. Drawing inspiration from their youthful dreams, Bernd Georgi and Horst Kern’s brand and offbeat travel cases pay tribute to the free-spirited, bohemian 70s and the exuberant design language that defined Venice Beach during that era. Floyd brings back a touch of the zeitgeist to the modern traveler - the “mojo” to design stylish travel cases they dreamed of since their teenager years.

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